Root Strings Signs “Black & White Motion Picture”

Root Strings is very excited to announce that we are now working with Black & White Motion Picture. Black & White Motion Picture is a budding rock band out of Denver, Colorado; with its influences in classic rock, blues, and funk. These six fascinating individuals have come together to form a retro-rock sound. They dextrously balance tackling serious topics in their music, whilst maintaining a good sense of humour; about themselves and about life.

The core of “Black & White Motion Picture” formed in 2018, when frontman Josh met Tony, working at a brewery. Tony noticed Josh playing air guitar, and they bonded over wanting to cover “Gay Bar” by Electric 6. Josh was in a different band at the time, but that soon fell apart, mainly because they “sucked”; and he and Tony started (yet another) failed band. However, it was after that band split that BWMP formed. Simultaneously, Josh had plans to see an old school-friend of his, Bart, later that night for the first time in over a decade. They were briefly in a band together during high school but had fallen out of touch. They got to talking about music and “Gay Bar” come up – it was like fate. Bart asked, “do you guys need a drummer?”, and the core of BWMP was formed.

Black and White Motion Picture

They soon met Cory, Jules and Gus; who were all part of another band called “Upstairs Neighbor”. Once “Upstairs Neighbor” disbanded, the guys recruited Jules to sing; Cory to play guitar; and Gus to play bass. “Black & White Motion Picture” was complete. 

Perhaps the best way to understand the hilarious dynamics between these friends is to take a look at their recently released music video for their song “Mild Life” (linked below), which was written and conceptualised by Tony. In the video, we see Josh interview his fellow band members as guests on a fictional, cheap, public access talk show, “Late Last Night with Josh”; set against a shower-curtain backdrop of the red-light district, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Each band member takes on a persona for the show – Josh is the host, Bart his side-kick, Tony a magician, Cory a chef, Jules a disinterested actress, and Gus a taxidermist. The band’s personalities and antics are captured through this comedic lens, Josh gets sick of being the host, and they transform into the sensational musical act for the night, “Black & White Motion Picture”. Black & White Motion Picture’s new single “I Can Be Cruel Too” is out now on all streaming platforms. All updates can be found on BWMP’s social media pages and website, which you can find linked below.


Charlie St Cyr Paul Joins Forces with Root Strings Management Company

Root strings Is delighted to announce that we are now working with Charlie St Cyr Paul. Charlie is currently the only touring music act in North America that features a Carillion This unique instrument comprises of 35 Cast bronze bells and weighs over four tons which are played on a keyboard. Charlie St Cyr Paul has been involved in the music industry for over thirty years as a professional drummer, music director, recording artist and performer. He is a world class musician having played in over thirty countries and in every state of America inclusive of North America.

Charlie first learned of this unusual instrument the Carillion during his time working as a drummer in Cast in Bronze with Frank Dellapenna. He was so inspired by Frank Dellapenna and was fascinated in learning the Carillion that he eventually studied how to play this instrument with support and education from Frank and the North American Carillion School (NACS). The Carillion that Charlie St Cyr Paul is using was the same one Frank Dellapenna used whilst performing as cast in bronze.

Charlie St Cyr Paul is currently working on three tours first of which is the Cast in Bronze legacy tour which was created in honour of his mentor Frank Dellapenna of cast in bronze. This tour is a tribute to all of Frank Dellapenna’s hard work as Charlie takes on a fresh new interpretation. The second tour is his Bells of Christmas tour where he hopes to bring exciting renditions of classic Christmas carols such as Carol of the bells, little drummer boy and various other classics. The final tour is the Bells of Mystery tour which will include a whimsical display of Iconic movie themes such as Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, E.T and many more in a way which most people will have never experienced before and undoubtably create some unforgettable memories. Charlie St Cyr Paul is planning to release his new Christmas album “Phat Santa” on the 15th of October 2021. This album will include a mix of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) with the Carillion and will be a fresh take on the Classic Christmas carols. 

This is an exciting endeavour for root strings as we are delighted to be working with Charlie St Cyr Paul and are looking forward to helping grow Charlies online presence to reach fans and promote Charlie’s work to across the globe. Check out Charlies social media handles which are @Bells2Go on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and @Bells2go_ on Instagram to make sure you don’t miss any important updates. To pre order “Phat Santa” and to find out more about Carillonneur Charlie St Cyr Paul, The Carillion, tour information dates, Merchandise, and many more visit Charlie’s website