Root Strings Signs “Black & White Motion Picture”

Root Strings is very excited to announce that we are now working with Black & White Motion Picture. Black & White Motion Picture is a budding rock band out of Denver, Colorado; with its influences in classic rock, blues, and funk. These six fascinating individuals have come together to form a retro-rock sound. They dextrously balance tackling serious topics in their music, whilst maintaining a good sense of humour; about themselves and about life.

The core of “Black & White Motion Picture” formed in 2018, when frontman Josh met Tony, working at a brewery. Tony noticed Josh playing air guitar, and they bonded over wanting to cover “Gay Bar” by Electric 6. Josh was in a different band at the time, but that soon fell apart, mainly because they “sucked”; and he and Tony started (yet another) failed band. However, it was after that band split that BWMP formed. Simultaneously, Josh had plans to see an old school-friend of his, Bart, later that night for the first time in over a decade. They were briefly in a band together during high school but had fallen out of touch. They got to talking about music and “Gay Bar” come up – it was like fate. Bart asked, “do you guys need a drummer?”, and the core of BWMP was formed.

Black and White Motion Picture

They soon met Cory, Jules and Gus; who were all part of another band called “Upstairs Neighbor”. Once “Upstairs Neighbor” disbanded, the guys recruited Jules to sing; Cory to play guitar; and Gus to play bass. “Black & White Motion Picture” was complete. 

Perhaps the best way to understand the hilarious dynamics between these friends is to take a look at their recently released music video for their song “Mild Life” (linked below), which was written and conceptualised by Tony. In the video, we see Josh interview his fellow band members as guests on a fictional, cheap, public access talk show, “Late Last Night with Josh”; set against a shower-curtain backdrop of the red-light district, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Each band member takes on a persona for the show – Josh is the host, Bart his side-kick, Tony a magician, Cory a chef, Jules a disinterested actress, and Gus a taxidermist. The band’s personalities and antics are captured through this comedic lens, Josh gets sick of being the host, and they transform into the sensational musical act for the night, “Black & White Motion Picture”. Black & White Motion Picture’s new single “I Can Be Cruel Too” is out now on all streaming platforms. All updates can be found on BWMP’s social media pages and website, which you can find linked below.


Mary McLaughlin Releases “I’m Looking for Sanctuary” Music Video

RootStrings Management is delighted to announce the release of a new original song from Irish singer-songwriter Mary McLaughlin. “I’m Looking for Sanctuary” is a stirring reflection on the plight of refugees everywhere.

Mary says: “‘I’m Looking for Sanctuary’ was recorded at home in Ireland during the Covid lockdown of Winter 2020-2021. The song began its life twenty years previously in 2001 on the occasion of my visiting Ellis Island in New York and empathising with the hopes and fears of my ancestors who had emigrated from Ireland to the USA. The first slide in the video tells the story of how I came to write the song and why I have waited so long to actually release it. I recorded the guitar and all vocals on Garage Band and sent the files to producer Stu Wilson who added the keyboards and blended the vocals. Please wait until the end of the video to see details of charities that you might consider supporting.”

Learn more about Mary McLaughlin by visiting her website or on facebook.

RootStrings Co-Op Student Feature: Annabelle Buttery

My name is Annabelle Buttery. I am a Limerick based singer-songwriter. Currently I’m completing my co-op placement with Rootstrings Management as part of my Bachelors in Performing Arts in The University of Limerick.

As a musician I get a lot of my inspiration from Jazz artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday as well as more mainstream artists like Lennon Stella and Orla Gartland. I started singing as a child but didn’t take it seriously until I began secondary school and had an amazing music teacher who saw potential in me and made me see the potential in myself. I have been part of many choirs and taken part in many competitions mainly to gain experience performing and those experiences gave me the confidence to really take my own music seriously. I use Instagram (@annabelleb_music) as my main platform for my music at the moment but hope to start releasing things to streaming platforms in the near future.

I am currently working on my debut single ‘Hindsight’. This song is the definition of a work in progress. I originally wrote the song at sixteen after a getting out of a toxic relationship. At the time I wrote the existing verses and a different chorus. However, at twenty that chorus had just a little too much teen angst for me. I still loved the verses and felt quite attached to them so I decided to replace the chorus and add a bridge that were what I would say to my sixteen-year-old self if I could go back in time.

I hope to properly record/produce this song eventually but for now I have this baritone ukulele version that I hope you enjoy.

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Teresa Suydam Releases Brand New Single “Take Me to The Water”.

Rootstrings Management is very excited to announce the release of Teresa Suydam’s brand new single, “Take Me to The Water”. The single is due to be released on Wednesday the 16th of September along with the upload of the official music video to YouTube.

Teresa is a singer-songwriter based in Denver, Colorado. Teresa has a unique and alternative style. She takes her inspiration from artists like Regina Spektor, Panic at The Disco and My Chemical Romance but also brings her own style and flavour to her music. She is a talented lyricist and musician. Teresa has spent years curating her sound and image by completing a Bachelor of Science in Vocal Performance from The University of Denver and by gaining experience performing. Teresa has two other previously released songs called “San Francisco” and “All I Care About is You”.

Take Me to The Water was recorded in Boulder Music, Boulder, Colorado. The song was mixed by George Lacson and mastered by Savannah Lish. The song features beautiful piano and string accompaniment and of course Teresa’s stunning vocals. When speaking about the track Teresa said; “I want to emphasize the fact that water has historically been used by humans and creatures as a way to cleanse, both physically and emotionally,” said Suydam, opening up about the process, “And the water is life itself… it’s just human.” The song will be available on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Google Play and YouTube Music) and as of the 16th of September.

The concept for the music video came from Teresa’s want to accommodate not only the hearing community who constantly have access to accessible music but also the hard of hearing/deaf community. The music video features sign language interpretation by Rachel White. The music video is very aesthically pleasing which suits the ambient feeling of the single itself. There is a teaser of the music video and single available on Teresa’s website and social media platforms.

Find Yourself ‘Falling’ for Synead Toomey’s New Release, Coming this Friday!

Rootstrings Management is ecstatic to announce that  Limerick singer-songwriter Synead Toomey is set to release her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Falling’ on the 14th August, 2020. The Limerick based rising star spared no time after finishing her BA in Voice and Dance to dive back into working on her own music. Her forthcoming EP ‘Falling’ is said to be heavily influenced by everyday life experiences and is described as heartfelt. The title track ‘Falling’ emotionally describes the feeling of falling in love with the right person at the wrong time. This stunning EP has five tracks in total. Three out of the five songs are original songs and two are cover songs.  

Synead Toomey’s music has a soulful, acoustic sound and has a style that is deeply rooted in the genre of Indie-Folk.  It is no secret that Synead has an extensive history of performing, with known collaborations with artists such as Gavin James, Ryan Sheridan, Emma Langford, Dave Keenan, Wyvern Lingo and so many more.  Synead’s EP ‘Falling’ will be available for download and streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Google Play on August 14th, 2020. It is a release that is not to be missed!