Products and Pricing


Artist Bios

Need a good, solid bio for press kits, articles, websites, etc? Let us help! Our basic bio package includes a 50-word and 300-word bio with two rewrites for $60/€60.

Need something more specific? Other basic bio options:

50-word bio=$20/€20

100-word bio = $30/€30

300-word bio = $40/€40

500-word bio = $50/€50

Update/Rewrite of existing bio =  $30/€30

All bio options include two rewrites.

Press Releases

Have an event, album launch, or exciting update to share? Let us help you out! Send us the details and we’ll put together a press release to help you spread the word!

Single Press Release = $30/€30

Variations or extra press releases = +$10/€10 each

Need a new bio to go with an exciting update? 100-word bio + press release = $40/€40

Social Media Support

Social media is a key part of keeping your fanbase interested and advancing your career. Let us help you out by keeping an eye on things, teaching you some tips and tricks, or just running things for you so you don’t need to worry about it.

Social Media Strategy Tune-up and Workshop = $40/€40

Spend an hour with a manager helping you to tune your social platforms and build a plan for increasing your following and engagement.

Branding and Setup for Your Social Platforms = priced upon consultation

Just getting started? Let us help you set up your social platforms and brand yourself consistently and clearly across them all.

Let Us Run Your Social Media Accounts

What a bigger following, but don’t want to be tied to a screen all the time? Let us help you out! You provide the content and we’ll keep your pages updated and interesting, as well as answering questions, comments, etc. from your fans. This can be tailored any way you like, and we’re always happy to try out new arrangements. = $15/€15 per hour

Full-Time Management

15% of gross income generated by RootStrings

Exact terms to be agreed with each artist

Part-Time Management

$15/€15 per hour with a monthly cap agreed with each artist

Need something that isn’t listed? Looking for a package deal? Email us! We’re always happy to see how we can help.