The UCD Claim Jumpers

Over its thirty year history, The Claim Jumpers have always performed significant traditional jazz literature at the uppermost level, with high standards in regard to both aesthetics and professionalism. In that time, they have received two Downbeat awards, been honored by the Governor of Colorado, played before President Obama, made over twenty-five national jazz festival appearances, played at many UCD events, and produced several CDs. The band has also toured in Germany, performed at the Moscow Conservatory, played at the international Enkhuizen Jazz Festival in the Netherlands and Jazz en Vercors festival in France.

The ensemble provides real world experience in networking, gigging, team building, and musicianship. In addition, being a part of this group teaches students the importance in preserving America’s true art form. Traditional jazz is relevant not only in the musical realm, but in the historical realm as well.

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