Teresa Suydam

Teresa Suydam is a singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado, who embarked on her musical journey at a young age. Throughout her life, Teresa found music to be an emotional outlet, aided by the releases of artists such as Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Girls Generation, and Regina Spektor. Teresa first delved into making music in high school when she began singing and taking lessons to improve her skills. Following her passions after high school, the Colorado local eventually chose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Vocal Performance (alongside a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology) at the University of Colorado in Denver. During her time in college, Teresa also began to write music and lyrics of her own.  

Throughout her early musical career, Teresa has graced the stage with the vocal group Lark, soulful R&B band Emma Mayes & The HIP, as well as electronic production duo Mom N Dad. From her diverse work experience in the industry, she has been able to build a firm foundation in her musical style and vocal approach. Using her versatile voice, Teresa can reach the most graceful high notes and control strong, emotional low notes, while also being able to hit the dynamic runs and belts of a modern soul artist. Teresa has worked tirelessly to develop her artistry and message in her music and lyrics.  

Taking all she has learned and pulling from a unique blend of inspirations, notably animé, K-pop, and video game scores, Teresa has created a rare musicality that blends East and West. As an artist, Teresa stands out from all others: clad in pleather, and ready to bring a neon-animé fantasy, electro-pop vocal performance that the world has yet to experience. 

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