Charlie St. Cyr-Paul

The instrumentalist that plays the Carillon is known as the Carillonneur. The first carillon was in Flanders (northern Europe) where the carillonneur performed music on the bells of Qudenaarde Town Hall in 1510 by using a baton keyboard to raise the spirits of the people. The Carillon is the largest of all instruments in the percussion family. Charlie is a musical adventurer as well as a world class musician. Charlie has had a successful 30 year career as a professional drummer, music director, recording artist and performer. He has performed worldwide in over 30 countries and has performed in every state & province in North America. With over 25,000 performances worldwide, Charlie has learned to appreciate and perform many styles of music with artists around the world. Charlie brings his experience as a musician and entertainer to provide epic performances through the majesty and power of the carillon.