Shauna Duffy

Born and raised in the West of Ireland, Shauna Duffy is a folk, Irish and pop singer. Shauna’s love of music began at a young age. Born into a musical family, she watched her older brother and sister study music at University. Shauna has continued in their footsteps and she is currently studying music at the University of Limerick. Shauna’s musical journey began performing in school concerts and competitions in her hometown of Westport in Mayo.

Her love for music grew as she began playing the guitar. This instrument would become a huge part of her musical creations. Shauna draws inspiration from artists such as Ed Sheeran, Adele, George Ezra, The Cranberries, Luke Kelly, Dua Lipa, Oasis, Picture This and many more. These artists inspire Shauna to take a song and add her own unique twist to them. Shauna’s ambition is to travel the world and inspire people with her music. She often gigs with her brother in Westport and she will be releasing an EP next year.

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