Cast in Bronze

Cast in Bronze was created to bring the haunting beauty of the medieval carillon to more listeners by demonstrating its versatility with other instruments. Generally found in lofty bell towers, the carillon is a rare instrument which is rapidly disappearing today. Master-carillonneur Frank DellaPenna created Cast in Bronze in 1991 to preserve and promote the sound of the bells, and to combine it with other instruments for the first time in its 500-year history.

After nearly 30 years, Cast in Bronze has performed more than 10,000 shows at music festivals, state fairs, renaissance festivals and more. The carillon has been featured on America’s Got Talent, performed for Pope John Paul II, as well as performing to thousands at Walt Disney World’s Orlando’s Epcot from 1998-2003. 

In the face of a changing world, Cast in Bronze is branching out in new directions. In 2019, Frank DellaPenna launched The Cast in Bronze Society, a 501(C3) organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting the carillon in North America. In 2020, Cast in Bronze took its first ‘virtual voyage,’ responding to the global pandemic with virtual concerts through Patreon.

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